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Murray Cui
BEST 2018 Alumni

Murray is a current BBA(Acc&Fin) student in HKU. He joined Chow Tai Fook as an Intern in 2018.

1. What did you value most about the BEST Programme?

For me, the most valuable thing about the BEST Programme is having the opportunity to meet and talk to the top executives from New World Group. All the speakers who came to the sharing sessions are really amiable and approachable. It’s obvious that they put in much effort in preparing each sharing, and they are always willing to answer your questions, no matter how tough they may get. More importantly, you’ve got plenty of time to network with them.

1. What did you value most about the BEST Programme?

How did you get your internship opportunity at Chow Tai Fook?

Mr. Quentin Wong, General Manager (E-Commerce) of Chow Tai Fook once shared with us some of the ongoing innovation projects at Chow Tai Fook. Since much of what he said was related to e-commerce, mobile payment and digital marketing in Mainland and I happened to know quite a lot about these fields, I answered many of his questions during the sharing session and had quite a pleasant interaction with him. What he talked about the innovation projects they were doing at CTF was really interesting to me. At that time, I was looking for summer internships, so I figured that it was worth a try to ask Mr. Wong about that. (I didn’t get the chance to ask for his contact because he left in a hurry after the sharing. I got his WeChat on his LinkedIn page and added him.) He was really cool about that and offered me an internship immediately.

Can you tell us more about your internship at Chow Tai Fook?

To be honest, I wish the internship (two months) could have been longer so that I could follow through the project from the beginning to the end. I strived to assist my colleagues with their work wherever I could. For example, I co-organized offline events in Chongqing and Guangzhou and coordinated local logistics on-site and we were able to complete 33%+ of the monthly sales goal in just 3 days. I also initiated and helped build partnership with one of the largest domestic cruise companies in China. Other than project management and business development, I was asked to organize a series of PowerPoint design training and conducted a sharing session on blockchain technology for the entire department. Apart from work, I did learn a lot about how internal innovation and entrepreneurship projects inside a big corporation are done. It was a really interesting experience. I got along well with my colleagues and the superiors. We had a lot of fun in the office and on our business trips together!

What is your advice to prospective BEST students?

My advice to them is to be more far-sighted. Don’t just think about what certificate or internship they can get at the end of the Programme but go connect with their classmates and the people from New World Group. Their classmates were also the best of the best students from HKU and they might become their like-minded friends or even partners for their future business endeavours. They can also get a lot of valuable insights into the business world from the people from New World Group, so talk to them and ask them questions. They may also prepare their own name cards (I did this, and I exchanged name cards with almost all the speakers) so that they could formally introduce themselves and connect with them. The speakers may not have internships to offer to the students, but they surely will be their mentors or even partners when they really step into the business world.

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