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Udara Senevirathne
BEST 2016 Outstanding Achievement Awardee

Udara joined NWD as an Intern in 2016. He worked part time under Rosewood Hotels Group during his final year of study; and joined NWD as a Management Trainee in 2017.

As a non-local student back then at HKU, what brought you to the BEST Programme offered by a local conglomerate?

As a non-local student, I was initially attracted to New World as a result of the diversity in its businesses. As an avid hospitality enthusiast, I was particularly impressed with the large portfolio of hotels owned and managed by New World across the world. Upon further research, I realized that New World is even larger than I imagined and that its products and services are all around our lives in Hong Kong. This aroused my curiosity even further. In addition to the above, I was also keen to look beyond the typical career choices made by my peers (such as banking for Economics and Finance majors like me) because I believe that no one should restrict their career choices according to their field of study. Everyone has his/her own strengths and weaknesses and by exploring various industries you tend to develop a deeper and more holistic understanding of yourself and where you can excel at.

As a non-local student back then at HKU, what brought you to the BEST Programme offered by a local conglomerate?

What did you gain from the BEST Programme?

BEST Programme has been a life changer for me. During the Programme, I was able to understand more about a wide range of businesses ranging from retail to convention management and property development. The Programme also provided me valuable and privileged networking opportunities. The networks I have created during the Programme with top NWD executives, other staff members, guest speakers and students have aided me immensely, including guidance in receiving part time and internship opportunities. On top of that, it was because of BEST Programme that I was able to intern and finally join full time with a top conglomerate in Hong Kong. The Programme was my stepping stone to working in a company that is well established with a focused and inspiring direction to progress through the modern day.

What is your advice to the students who wish to get the Outstanding Achievement Award?

My advice is don’t just concentrate on the award since day 1 but rather take interest in everything you do. Attend all lectures, interact and try to understand in the many topics, visualize yourself in different roles (customers, employees, business partners etc.) and most of all take pride in what you do. You will have heaps of fun and laughter and your good effort will be duly rewarded.

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