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Wendy Yang
BEST 2017 Outstanding Achievement Awardee

Wendy is a current MBBS student in HKU/ She joined NWD as an Intern in 2017. She is now taking a gap year studying BSc Management in The London School of Economics.

As a medical student, why did you to join the BEST Programme despite the heavy workload from your study?

I always had an interest towards the corporate and business world, however, as a medical student, not only was I stumped down with a ridiculous number of lectures to learn, but also was not exposed to an environment that fostered business and entrepreneurship learning. When I came across the BEST Programme, one of the few unique programmes that accept students from all majors, I jumped at the opportunity to apply. Despite doing something different to all my peers at medical school, the learning opportunities of the BEST Programme propelled me to join. Juggling my medical studies and the BEST Programme was not an easy task, especially as my third-year final exams clashed with the Programme. However, in particular for a non-business major, the Programme provided a comfortable, inquisitive and fun environment to learn. The Programme also combined discussion-based lectures with site visits so students could observe the business theory in action – a part I particularly enjoyed. It was also a really good excuse to finally get out of the library!

As a medical student, why did you to join the BEST Programme despite the heavy workload from your study?

How did the BEST Programme transform your career development?

The BEST Programme, and subsequently my summer internship at New World Development, has taught me so much – ranging from understanding the real estate landscape in Asia to developing my business acumen. It was my first step into business. My second step was deciding to spend the last year at the London School of Economics to explore finance. I could only take the leap to go to LSE because of my experience from the BEST Programme that confirmed my drive to explore finance. Apart from career development, the BEST Programme has changed my outlook and mindset. One of the most important lessons I learnt is if you gather your guts to step outside your comfort zone to explore the unknown, you will find abundant opportunities waiting for you on the other side. Even though it sounds cliché, I definitely would not be where I am today without having attended the BEST Programme.

3. Would you encourage other non-business students to apply for the BEST Programme? What can they gain out of this Programme in your experience?

I would wholeheartedly recommend the BEST Programme to non-business students (and business students alike). Understandably, non-business students may be slightly intimidated to apply for a business-related programme. However, what you major in does not define what you can do - only you can draw that line, so don’t limit yourself. What you commit, contribute and dedicate to the BEST Programme will directly correlate to what you gain out of it. So, keep an open and inquisitive mindset and ask questions; trust me, I’ve asked some pretty dumb questions during the Programme! Moreover, the BEST Programme is great as there are two learning channels this year: Challenger and Explorer. Apply to be Explorer if you are unsure about your interest towards business. Otherwise, I would recommend applying to be Challenger to make the most out of this unique opportunity!

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